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What is this blog?

Geogra-free intends to become a platform for sharing geography content and educational tools. Geogra-free explores the complex world of Geography, using real-life and current case studies for all to use. Geography exists outside of the classroom and in the real world- EVERYWHERE and this blog hopes to inspire curious minds to interact with it.

Who am I? (a question we should all ask ourselves regularly)

Almost 4 years ago I was initiated into the TeachFirst universe whereupon I came across like-minded and insatiable geogra-geeks. At the time of writing, I am now Head of Geography at an all-girls academy in South London. Even on holiday, I cannot switch off the geogra-mind, naturally continuing to educate my friends and family of the surrounding geography beyond the call of duty. When I spot geographical features, with my classic childish excitement, I instinctively cannot stop myself from conjuring explanations of said discovered phenomena. To spare my loved-ones from the above, I have decided to use this blog as an outlet to share my enthusiasm with my fellow geogra-geeks in the hope I can pester the world wide web instead.

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